Why Do College Students Get Hurt? A Look at Sobering Statistics

The Most Common Injuries on College Campuses

College is a thrilling experience. It’s a time for young men and women to explore new intellectual terrain, discover latent passions, meet lifelong friends and experiment in a safe environment. Unfortunately, though, campuses aren’t always so safe.

Hosting a Party? You’re Liable!

Hosting a Halloween Party? You’re Liable! 

Celebrating Halloween can be a great time to get your family and friends together to dress up, take the kids trick or treating, and even host a Halloween party at your house.

My Auto Accident Attorney is an ASS!

My Auto Accident Attorney is an ASS! Why Did He Drop My Case?

I have been an attorney for almost 20 years, and I can confidently say that this industry has more than its fair share of asses.