NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017- Glendale Stadium!

NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017- Glendale Stadium!  Four Tips to Keep You Safe At the NCAA Basketball Tournament

Fan violence is not a new phenomenon, but is a dangerous one.  It has existed since the beginning of sports and competition.  One example is the Sydney Riot of 1879 where approximately 2,000 fans invaded the pitch and disrupted play after an umpiring dispute broke out between members of the visiting English cricket team and the New South Wales Cricket Association.

Amazon Prime Day 2016

Amazon Prime Day 2016 is Tuesday, July 12th and although it left some customers disappointed last year, they seem to have prepared more this year by stocking up with even more inventory than last year!

Tucson Monsoon Safety Tips: Be Prepared!

Living in Southern Arizona, we have the privilege of enjoying some of the best weather on the planet, but we also endure one of most unique seasons of the year: the monsoon season. From June 15th to September 30th, heavy rain, high winds, and nasty dust storms occasionally interrupt the usual stretch of hot, sunny, dry weather we enjoy each summer.