Rowdy Kids and Distracted Drivers: A Dangerous Mix

Rowdy Kids and Distracted Drivers: A Dangerous Mix

To combat the dangers of distracted driving, many states have outlawed the use of cell phones while driving, and a single distracted driving ticket can be enough for your auto insurer to drop your policy. But one of the most common distractions is traveling with kids. In fact, one study found that dealing with kids in the car is 12 times more dangerous than talking on the phone.

Teacher Appreciation Week- Phoenix!


Zanes Law’s TEACHER APPRECIATION GIVEAWAY! May 1st- May 15th for the Phoenix area!

This week is teacher appreciation week and we wanted to do something special for our community of teachers

Seven Tips to Avoid a Road Rage Incident

Seven Tips to Avoid a Road Rage Incident

We all know that road rage violence is not a new phenomenon, but it is a dangerous one. Many of the car accidents we see at Zanes Law are a result of road rage.

Uber Driverless Car Accident- 3 Things We Can Learn

Uber Driverless Car Accident- 3 Things We Can Learn

Self-driving cars have been in the news the last two weeks because an Uber self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona was involved in a car accident.  In response to that accident, Uber temporarily suspended its entire autonomous vehicle program until the investigation into the accident had been completed.  The investigation revealed that the accident was caused by a human-driven vehicle that was making a left turn and failed to yield to the Uber vehicle.

NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017- Glendale Stadium!

NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017- Glendale Stadium!  Four Tips to Keep You Safe At the NCAA Basketball Tournament

Fan violence is not a new phenomenon, but is a dangerous one.  It has existed since the beginning of sports and competition.  One example is the Sydney Riot of 1879 where approximately 2,000 fans invaded the pitch and disrupted play after an umpiring dispute broke out between members of the visiting English cricket team and the New South Wales Cricket Association.

Six Safety Tips Spring Break 2017

Six Safety Tips To Keep You Safe During Spring Break 2017

With spring break right around the corner, millions of young people will be going on spring break trips in order to get some sun and have some fun.  Partying will be at the top of the to-do list!  So as you make your plans, put your safety first.  Think about what you need to do to be safe.

Motorcycle Safety Arizona – 6 Tips That Could Save Your Life

Motorcycle Safety – 6 Tips That Could Save Your Life

It is spring in Arizona and with spring comes amazing weather that is sure to get motorcycle riders out on the roads.  Whether it’s a ride around town or a road trip to Sedona, being outside and riding a motorcycle is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day.  But don’t forget that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and bikers need to exercise extreme safety.



Are you currently in the market for a new car?  If the answer is yes, then you must buy one with an active safety system that will help you avoid or mitigate a crash.  At least this is the advice that I am going to give you as a personal injury lawyer who helps clients on a daily basis who are horribly injured in car accidents.  The reason that I say you must purchase a car with this new safety technology is because this technology could save your life or the life of someone that you love.  In addition, this technology has become extremely affordable and it will help to protect you in the following ways: