Unmarked Police Cars in Phoenix, Arizona.

Unmarked Police Cars in Phoenix

Unmarked Police Cars in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to FOX 10 Phoenix, DPS troopers now have two new unmarked police cars which include a red Dodge Challenge and Yellow Ford Mustang GT.

FOX 10’s Facebook post reporting about the two cars has stirred up some mixed emotions from Phoenix residents.

One individual discussed the cost of the vehicles, “You could have paid an officers yearly salary with the cost of one of those cars. You can’t afford to hire more officers in departments that are dangerously thin yet you can spend $40k on a vehicle used to entrap the public.”

A young women voiced her safety concerns, “ I am a young and fit woman in my very early twenties. I am Not pulling over for any unmarked car, especially one as obnoxious as those. That is too dangerous. I’ve heard true stories about horrible things happening to girls by men pulling them over, claiming to be a police officer. Disgusting.

Others commented on the overall benefits of having a faster, more reliable vehicle for officers.

How do you feel about unmarked police cars? Yay or Nay?

  • Robert Kelly

    well i agree they need more muscle cars to obtain the situation in a faster responce . BUT this in most states and iv been searching to find out if it is legal or illegal for a officer to pull over a citizen that is in a moving violation in Arizona and it seems to me you can never get a answer or find it in the laws. Which then seems to me that it just might be illegal. Why cant someone show us in the law book were it is? Cause if it isnt then they have no right to do so and you shouldnt be cited and shouldnt have to pull over if your feeling threatened then.

  • Laura Geraci Plourde

    Nay. Entrapment.

  • This is total BS. I’ve seen both of these cars with people stopped, along with their other unmarked cars like Tahoes and Chargers. IMO unmarked cars for traffic enforcement should be completely illegal. It’s entrapment and only helps prove that it’s more about revenue than safety. An actual marked cop car would have everybody around them minding their P’s and Q’s. An unmarked one just wants to target one person and extract money from them. Again, it’s all about money.

  • Ramadan Najieb

    In accordance with how the statutes are written, police vehicles without decal markings are not for patrol. Just look up Public Officers and Employees §38-538, §38-538.03. Then see how those statutes corresponds with Transportation §28-622.01 and you will understand that they are NOT FOR PATROL. They are “felony investigations” and “Activities of a confidential nature.”