Frequently Asked Questions

Tricks Insurance Adjusters Try to Use

So what tricks do insurance adjusters use when you bring a personal injury case? I can tell you the one I see most, and I consider this to be a trick, is at the beginning of a case they’re very nice to people. I think that’s what they’re trained to do. They’re very nice to you as the person that’s been injured in the hopes that if they’re very nice to you you’re gonna decide that they’re gonna be fair with you and you won’t hire a lawyer. Then you’ll make the initial mistakes that people make, whether it revolves around medical care or other things, and once those mistakes are made the damage is done to your case. I think that’s trick number one.

Trick number two is at the same time they’re being very nice to you, they offer you a settlement of five hundred dollars or seven hundred dollars, a small settlement, and if you take it today your case is done. If you realize a week later that your back still really bothers you and you’re not better, your case is done and they have no further liability. That’s trick number two that I see all the time.

Another trick that I think is really, really bad is I have seen an adjuster over the years, or two, actually lie to Spanish speaking clients who don’t speak English when all the paper work is in English. So they lie to them about what the paperwork says, they get them to sign off on a settlement of their case when they tell them it’s only settling their property damage but the paperwork says it’s settling the whole case. That’s a huge trick. The point is, they have lots of tricks, we know them all. So if you’ve been hurt, call us at Zanes Law and we’ll take care of you.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

So what is uninsured motorist coverage and how does that differ from underinsured motorist coverage? Uninsured motorist coverage exists to compensate you if a driver hits you and you’re hurt in that accident and it turns out that driver didn’t have any insurance. Which surprises people because the state law requires that everybody have insurance. But I can tell you it happens all the time. Having uninsured motorist coverage on your policy is extremely important. Underinsured motorist coverage exists to protect you when the driver that hit you and hurt you has insurance coverage but they just don’t have enough insurance coverage to fairly compensate you because your injuries were so significant.

Which happens all the time. The minimum in Arizona is only fifteen thousand dollars worth of insurance coverage. You can have an emergency room visit where those bills exceed fifteen thousand dollars, no problem at all. So it’s important that you have underinsured motorist coverage as well. If you’ve been injured in an accident, call us at Zanes Law and we’ll make sure that you’re fairly compensated and you’re taken care of.

Can the Insurance Adjuster Limit the Medical Care That I Receive?

So can the adjuster limit the medical care that I receive? The answer is no, however the insurance adjuster will try. Their goal is to have you receive the least amount of medical care as possible. Their goal is to, quite honestly, not see doctors as quickly because that creates problems in your case. So they will try. But the way an injury case works, when it wasn’t your fault, and you were injured, you’re entitled to get the medical care that you need. And as much of it as you need as long as your injury was caused by the accident and your medical care is directly related to that injury. You’re entitled to it. But there are lots of arguments that can be made around that.

How that medical care happens, what doctors you see, when you see them, treatment gaps, things we’ve talked about in other videos are very, very important. So if you’ve been injured in an accident, know two things. One, you can get all the medical care you need to get better as long as it’s reasonable and it’s directly relatable to your injury. Two, the insurance company is going to try to prevent you from getting that. You outta call is to make sure that doesn’t happen. We will take care of you at Zanes Law.

Common Auto Insurance Misconceptions

So what are the common misconceptions about insurance companies? I can tell you I think the biggest misconception about insurance companies is that insurance companies are fair and they’re here to actually take care of you after you’ve been in an accident. I think, quite honestly, it’s the exact opposite. I think the proof that insurance companies aren’t fair, and I think the proof that insurance companies aren’t here to actually take care of injured victims is because law firms like mine exist. If insurance companies were fair we wouldn’t have clients to represent because insurance companies would simply take care of those people in the proper way. If insurance companies existed in order to fairly compensate injured victims we wouldn’t exist because there wouldn’t be anything for us to do.

I think you and I both know that if an insurance company was going to pay you what they should pay you after you had been injured in an accident there would be no need for you to hire me and for you to, quite honestly, pay me a percentage that money because it would all be taken care of without me even being part of it. The reality of it is that insurance companies don’t do that. They’re businesses. Businesses are in business to spend as little money as possible and that’s how they function. They function very well as a business. So if you’ve been injured in an accident please call us at Zanes Law and we’ll sit down and explain to you what your rights are and we’ll be more than happy to help you out on your accident case so you are taken care of and get a good resolution to your case.

When to Call an Injury Attorney in Phoenix?

So if you’ve been injured in an accident, when should you call an attorney? The answer I’ll give you is immediately, if you want to know the truth. By immediately I mean within an hour or two or a day or two because the more time that goes by that you haven’t talked to an attorney and haven’t been given the information that you need to successfully pursue your case, the more problems that you’ll have. By calling an attorney immediately you can find out how the medical treatment end of a case works. What needs to be done, what problems can be created by not getting the right treatment and by not getting your treatment soon.

You can find out what your rights are. What the at-fault insurance company needs to do for you. You can make sure that you don’t make mistakes by saying the wrong thing to the insurance company if you’re not represented. Because a consultation is free, there’s no harm in calling us immediately. We’ll sit down and we’ll explain all those things to you and we’ll tell you what you need to do. I’ve even written a book on how to handle your own case successfully. I’ll give you a copy of that if that’s what you would prefer to do. But get all the information that you can as quickly as you can. If you’ve been injured in an accident, call us at Zanes Law immediately and we’ll take care of you.

Big Law Firms vs Small Law Firms

So is there a difference between hiring a big firm to represent your injury case versus a small firm or lets say a solo practitioner? It’s an interesting question because what I’ve seen over the years is, solo practitioners say you outta hire them because they can give you more personal service and big firms say you outta hire them for numerous reasons. The reality of it is that you outta hire who you are most comfortable with and who you have the most faith in. I can tell you, in my experience, I think there are huge advantages to bigger firms. We’re a bigger firm.

As a big firm we’re able to easily finance cases, pay experts, we have numerous lawyers so we have a lot of experience, we handle thousands of cases every year where a lot of small firms will maybe handle fifteen or twenty cases a year. So with handling thousands of cases comes a huge amount of experience. So the answer to the question is, there are huge differences, I think, between small firms and big firms and how they represent you and what they’re able to do for you. Ultimately you’ll have to decide what’s best for you. If you’ve been injured in an accident and you want to know what your rights are and what our firm can do for you, call me. We’ll sit down, our consultation is free, and we’ll answer those questions for you.

Why Choose Zanes Law for Your Accident Case?

So why choose Zanes Law to represent you on an accident case? I think there are lots of reasons. I’ve been representing injured victims for twenty years. I started my firm, Zanes Law, in 2003 and we’ve become one of the largest personal injury law firms in Arizona in that time frame, from 2003 until today. I have very good attorneys that work with me. I have a phenomenal staff that works with me. We pride ourselves, quite honestly, on communicating with clients, on customer service, and we have a huge amount of experience representing injured clients.

We’ve handled thousand of cases over the years and we’ve obtained over a hundred million dollars in settlements for our clients over the years. We know what we’re doing because we have a lot of experience. So if you’ve been injured in an accident call us. Our consultation is free, we’ll sit down and we’ll tell you what your options are and if it’s a case that you think we can help you on we’ll be happy to help you.

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does Zanes Law Take?

So what types of cases do we take at Zanes Law? At Zanes Law we’re a personal injury law firm. We have offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona but we actually represent people both statewide and nationally. We have lots of clients we take on who get into accidents in places outside of Arizona who’s cases we take on and if we’re not able to, for example, handle the litigation part of that case we have other firms that we associate with. But we’re a personal injury law firm.

We handle car accidents, we handle pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, we handle slip and fall cases where people fall down, we handle dog bites. Quite honestly we will handle any case where somebody is injured and it wasn’t their fault. So if you’ve been injured, call us and we’ll evaluate your case. We’ll tell you what your rights are. We don’t charge for a consultation. We will take care of you at Zanes Law.

Who Can File Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona?

So how does a wrongful death case work in Arizona? The reason I say in Arizona is because most states actually have a wrongful death statute an Arizona has a wrongful death statute. The wrongful death statute actually specifically states who can legally bring a wrongful death case on behalf of somebody who has died. That’s important because that varies from state to state. When we talk about how the damages work in an wrongful death case, it really is different than a normal accident case because damages completely revolve around the loss of this loved one.

What’s the economic component to that? What is the loss of love and affection that now exists because that person has passed away? So wrongful death cases are actually much different than a normal car accident case or a normal premises liability case that doesn’t involve a death. So if you believe you have a wrongful death case, if somebody you know and love has passed away because of the negligence of somebody else, call us, we’ll take care of you at Zanes Law. We’ve handled lots and lots of wrongful death cases, unfortunately, and we know exactly what needs to be done.

Are Premises Liability Cases Easy Compared to Other Injury Claims?

So are premises liability cases straight forward and easy? The answer is, quite honestly, no. I think there’s a misconception with premises liability cases because people feel like if I slipped and fell, lets say in a store, the store is automatically responsible for my injuries. It was their fault, I was in their store, I fell down, and they have to compensate me. Quite honestly premises liability cases are much more difficult than that.

There are a lot of built in defenses that store owners have when it comes to people who have fallen in their store that we have to work around. They are probably some of the most difficult cases we work on and in truth they are some of the biggest cases we work on because unfortunately lots of people get hurt very badly when they fall. If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall or some sort of premises liability event, call us and we’ll sit down and get all the facts from you, tell you what all the options that you have are and we will be happy to take that case and represent you and handle the case correctly for you.

Premises Liability Personal Injury Cases

So what if you have a premises liability case, how is that different than, lets say, a car accident case? We’ve represented probably thousands of clients on premises liability cases over the years. One of the things that seems pretty consistent is the at-fault party generally doesn’t accept liability. Even if it’s a good liability case they don’t come out and say yeah we accept the fact that it’s our fault and we’ll take care of this. But they’ll continue to work with us throughout the case. And we handle those cases, quite honestly, the same way we handle any injury case.

When we have a client finish treating we get their medical bills and records together and we’ll start to deal with the insurance company to find a resolution. Just like most injury cases, ninety-five precent of the time we’re able to find a resolution that simply involves a good settlement. Probably five percent of the time we end up having to use. But if you want to know the truth, premises liability cases are similar to car accident cases and all the other injury cases when it comes to how they’re handled and how they’re worked and we do it all day, every day. So if you’ve been injured in a premises liability case, give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

When Personal Injury Clients are Unhappy With Their Representation

So if you’re unhappy about something that’s going on in your case, about how your case is being handled, or the work that your paralegal or attorney are doing, what do you do? What advice would I give you? Here’s what you oughta do, you need to talk to somebody in management. So if we’re representing a client and that client is unhappy, what i would like them to do is to call and set up a time to speak with either me as the owner of the firm, my managing attorney, and her capacity as the managing attorney of the firm, or our operations manager who’s responsible for the day to day operations of the firm and our paralegals.

That’ll give you the opportunity to explain what your concerns are, what problems you’re having, so that we can fix it. Because the goal is to fix it so that you’re represented well, so that you believe everything that needs to be done on your case is being done. And that’s all that takes is a phone call or an email. So if you’re unhappy about something, call management within the firm and we’ll take care of it for you. If you’ve been injured in an accident, give us a call and we’ll take care of you and we’ll make sure that your case is handled the way that it needs to be handled.

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