5 Things You Need to Know After Being
Injured in an Auto Accident in Arizona.

  1. Write down everything about the accident. Yes, do this now. It’s that important. Be sure to include what you saw, heard, felt, location of the accident, and everything you can remember.
  2. If you were injured, seek medical treatment. Visit an urgent care, your primary care physician, or a chiropractor if you feel any pain. Avoiding medical treatment can cause serious injury over time.
    • Keep a running list of all providers you have seen due to the accident. This will help you and your personal injury attorney tremendously.
    • Health insurance. Treat through your health insurance when possible. If you do not have health insurance you will need to treat with a provider that works on a lien.
  3. Open a claim with your insurance company. A lot of accident victims are nervous about reporting an accident if it wasn’t their fault, but you may have coverages that can help you.
    • If you have collision coverage on your insurance, your insurance company will fix your car and will work with the other driver’s insurance to ensure they cover the costs. Click here to learn more about settling your property damage claim.
    • If you have rental insurance, your insurance company will gladly assist you in finding a rental that suits your needs.
    • If the defense (at fault) insurance company reaches out to you, this is when you need to consider whether or not you are going to hire a personal injury attorney (auto accident lawyer). If you are going to retain a car accident lawyer, don’t answer any of the defense insurance’s questions about the accident, property damage, or your injuries.
  4. Be cautious of all conversations with the defense (at fault) insurance company in regards to your injury. Do not accept any check for your injury and do not sign anything from an insurance company without getting an opinion from a personal injury attorney. Once this transaction is complete, you cannot collect additional money for medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Click here to learn the “Insurance Dirty Tricks” and what the business of insurance is really about.
  5. Consult with a personal injury attorney. At the very least, you will learn your options and feel more confident about what option is best for you. The Zanes Law auto lawyers serve the Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale areas to assist in obtaining a favorable auto accident settlement for our clients.

If you choose to hire our Arizona auto accident attorneys, this is what you can expect

You will always have at least three people working on your case, if not more. This includes a case manager, your attorney, and a settlement coordinator.
We will investigate the details of your accident while you heal and receive treatment for your injuries.
Your personal injury attorney will negotiate your claim with the insurance company.
Once your case settles, you will receive a settlement check.

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If you have been injured in a car accident, you need the help of an Arizona car accident attorney. Zanes Law has both Phoenix car accident lawyers and Tucson car accident lawyers ready to help you immediately. Since 2003, the Arizona car accident lawyers at Zanes Law have represented thousands of clients on their car accident personal injury claims.

Zanes Law Office, Phoenix Arizona Location.

The Zanes Law car accident lawyers have helped client’s who were injured in many different ways. Over the years, our car accident attorneys have helped clients who were pedestrians when they were hit by a car, we have had clients involved in car accidents with semi-trucks, we have helped clients on wrongful death cases where their loved one was killed in a car accident, we have helped clients who were injured in car accidents with reckless drivers, drunk drivers, and distracted drivers, and in many other different types of car accidents that were not the fault of our clients. It is the experience that our car accident attorneys have that will enable you to beat the insurance company.

Our fully staffed offices of both Phoenix car accident attorneys and Tucson car accident attorneys are available to speak with you 24-hours a day, seven days each week. The initial consultation with one of our car accident lawyers is also free. So let the Zanes Law car accident lawyers help you on any automobile accident claim that you have, including:


Both our Phoenix car accident lawyers and Tucson car accident attorneys help our clients resolve their property damage claim. This is important because it is a service that many car accident law firms refuse to handle, and we handle the claim for free. We do not charge extra to handle your property damage claim against the insurance company. We do this because it is important to our car accident clients. Think about it, you need your car fixed, you need a rental car in order to get to work and doctors appointments, and to get it done quickly you need our help, and our car accident attorneys are happy to give it to you.

About Doug Zanes

Doug Zanes, Zanes Law's responsible auto accident attorney.

“When I began practicing law years ago I simply wanted to help others, but did not specifically know in what way. As I began representing clients, just by circumstance the clients who I was helping happened to be clients who had been charged with committing crimes.

Then one night, my wife and I were driving home from the airport and narrowly missed being hit head-on by a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on the street that we were on. As his headlights suddenly appeared in front on me, I turned to the right as he crashed into the median. We were extremely fortunate and he was eventually convicted of driving under the influence.

This was the night that I realized how quickly a life could be changed in an accident, and this was the night that my law firm stopped representing criminal defendants and began to focus on helping injured victims.” – Doug Zanes, Owner of Zanes Law

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